5 Words To Omit For Success

Have you taken the time to think about the words you use?  If you are like me, you probably have picked up some language that you can do with out. They are words that are limiting in some way and prevent us from our true growth and potential.  Here are some ways to transform  your disempowering words into words for success. 

I’m sorry-  “Sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner… Sorry about the mess...”  When you use the word sorry, it sends the message to yourself and others that you feel self-pity or pity others.  “Im so sorry [for you]”. It focuses on the mistake and stops there. “I’m sorry I say sorry so much.” Instead of making apologies, try “Let’s make sure we plan better next time,”  or “excuse me” if you need to interrupt or scoot by someone.  If someone points out your mistake, thank them instead of saying sorry. “Thank you for helping me note this area for improvement,  boss.”  This excludes genuine apologies

I should- “I should have arrived on time.”   Should is the bar you have set for yourself.  If you fall short then you are bound to feel less than.  It gets you or others to do things based on guilt rather than encouragement.  “You should be doing your homework…” You feel not enough as you are, rather than motivated to make improvements.  Focus rather on the value and integrity behind your statement.  “I want to be on time because I am a man of my word…. I want to do more exercise because I know that it benefits me in many ways.”  Explore your feelings versus trying to change them.  “I wonder what it is that makes me feel upset about this…” instead of “I shouldn’t feel upset.”

If-  If is a condition word.  “If only I could have more time [I would be happy]…. If I was stronger [I’d be happy]… If I had more money….”   If sends a message of doubt and uncertainty when it is used this way.  You might be trying to express hope to do better or make a change. Omit if and replace it with a statement of intention.  “I would like to work toward clearing my schedule so I have more time…. I want to work on my physical health…” That feels more positive.

Failure- “I am such a failure… I messed up…”  By saying this, you identify with your perception of success. If your value is measured by achievements or let downs, you’d feel up and down all the time.  You are in the process of learning. A work in progress.  Were you able to learn how to ride a bike with out falling first?  As cliché as that sounds, it is the truth.  Mastery never came without a few missteps.  That is what life is all about.  Instead, try to focus on the fact that you rose to the challenge and participated in the real world.   “I am learning through my mistakes… I am getting closer to figuring this out.”

Just- “That’s just me… I just wanted to let you know…”  Just from the word justice or justly, makes a statement of certainty and therefore limits your true potential.  It takes away from personal responsibility.  It makes you excusable but also takes the power from you.  “I just thought that…”   Empowerment comes from personal responsibility.  This is a word to omit and replace with a confident… silence.  “I am ever changing...”  sounds a little more freeing and leaves the door open to opportunity.



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